China 2016 : Same, same but so different ! (part 8 : Along the Yangtze river )

The Yangzi Jiang has plenty of different names : Yangtsé or Yangtze, Blue river, Bri Chu in tibetan. It is the longest of Asia with 6.300 kms.
Born in the Tibetan mountains, it has rythmed local lives for centuries : fantastic border line, always ready to get out of its bed and flood around, great provider of fresh fishes, natural transit water way, natural fertilizer, water supplier for the corn and rice crops etc.
An impressive moment to drive along the Yangtze. Lucky, we ended up in two different villages (Dahheng village) where local tibetan dances where under way. Two rares moments.

Key persons : Kelsang, our tibetan guide from Lhasa and Mr Zhao, our driver since 6 days
Key words : Shangri-La, Zhongdian, Yangtze, Tiger Leaping gorge

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